Magic Brush Grooming Glove For Your Pet FREE Gift

Pet Grooming Glove-Pet Hair Remover Glove, Pet Hair Remover Mitt, Deshedding Glove Perfect for Dogs & Cats with Long & Short Fur(2-Pack)
  • SILICONE MATERIAL-SOFT AND COMFORT: Silicone material elastic massage the needle, when the soft and comfortable cleaning
  • VERSATILITY :Can be used for pets Bathing. A larger area, Can make the owner for the Pets not too much effort s, And can get all the falling off hair together, easy to clean up
  • PET HAIR REMOVAL SPECIAL RUBBER MASSAGE GLOVES: soft rubber massage teeth do not hurt pet skin and give you baby with full massage
  • BEST PET GROOMING MITT: Can promote the pet 's blood circulation, metabolism. laser hair removal at home
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN-EASY TO USE: Grooming glove design, the use of solid and convenient,After use we can easy to clean. It is machine washable and easy to clean

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